The $100 (it’s actually more like $400) Laptop Almost Here


The OLPC project is ready to deliver it’s XO laptop designed for the world’s poorest countries, because laptops is just exactly what they need!

Labelled as the "greenest computer" currently in existence, was developed to help educate children in countries such as
Cambodia, Ethiopia, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, and Rwanda.

Formerly known as the "100 Dollar Laptop" you will actually have to pay 400 Dollars to get your hands on this neat eco-friendly device. This is part of the "give one – get one" program, whereas you basically buy two laptops, one for yourself and the other will be sent to some kid in any of the least developed countries.

During the week of November 12 you’ll be able to go to and order one for yourself. In exchange for your $400 you’ll also get a $200 tax writeoff.

Since this laptop is made to be virtually one of the toughest and most endurable (well it’s got to be, imagine all the places it will go….you know, extreme climates and such), there also seems to be a huge demand in the developed world. Wouldn’t it be useful to have one in your kitchen or bathroom? The thing is supposedly waterproof, making it easy to browse the web while taking a bath. Also the screen is readable in any light, it seems to work beautifully with any Google application and is a masterpiece of industrial design.

Big buttons and bright colours, who could resist??

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