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What’s happening in Hollyweird?

  • Kiefer Sutherland is off to jail. He pled guilty to DUI charge and will serve 18 days for the probation violation and an additional 30 days for the current DUI. Do I see a jail-trend emerging?
        • Britney Spears is still a greasy mess. (photo source: jezebel.com) Spears was charged last month with hit and run and has been ordered by a judge on Tuesday to go to any L.A. police station for fingerprints and mug shots. Also Britney is supposedly not pleased with ex husband Kevin Federline getting full custody of their 2 kids…right…. According to OK!, when the subject of her boys’ custody came up, a friend told Britney, “Don’t worry, you’ll get your kids back.” Britney replied: “I don’t give a s– anymore. I never wanted them in the first place.” She allegedly partied until 3 a.m. the night before she had a 10 a.m. visitation, which she missed. (via Jezebel)
        • Another black day for Germany. David Hasselhoff just can’t stop boozing…apparently he has had a relapse and has been admitted to the Cedar Sinai Medical center to enter another rehabilitation program.
          • The makings of evil: Angelina Jolie allegedly hates partner Brad Pitt’s friends, George Clooney in particular. When Brad rushed down the red carpet at the NYC premiere of George’s new movie, Michael Clayton, on Sept. 24, Angie was noticeably absent. “Angie’s not particularly close to George, so she didn’t see why she had to be there,” says a close friend of Brad’s. “She asked Brad if he minded going alone, but Brad says it wasn’t really a question. And it was fine with him.”

            When Brad, 43, and Angie, 32, got together, Brad took on the responsibilities of fatherhood — and began spending months at a time living in far-flung places. And when they are back in LA, Angie discourages Brad from trying to have an occasional guys’ night. “Angie doesn’t get along with any of Brad’s friends,” says a Pitt family insider. Angelina isn’t trying to be cruel, say insiders — she just believes that casual friendships with other celebrities are an unnecessary distraction from the important things in life. (via A Socialite’s Life)

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