Bake Your Own WII

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Are you into gaming and cakes? Then this is a brilliant project that combines both. Featured on Wired, Bake a wii cake:

1. Prepare two sheet cakes, but — critical tip — omit the baking soda. You’re building narrow and high, so you need dense, structural material. Chill overnight in the refrigerator.

2. Carve the rough shapes of the Wii, the base, and the remote, and stand the Wii piece upright. While they’re still separate, frost everything with butter cream icing (heavy on the egg whites). Let dry. Chill for an hour in the freezer. Then — second critical tip — give the Wii another coat of buttercream for more solidity.

3. Place the base on a serving platter. Roll out fondant icing to a quarter-inch thick and drape it over the base, then trim. Fold fondant around the remote, too, and trim.

4. Make buttons out of fondant cutouts, stuck on with melted chocolate. Or use buttercream instead, piping it on with a round-tipped pastry bag.

5. Use metallic luster dust dissolved in a little orange or lemon extract to paint on your arrows and writing. Or use a little melted chocolate. Let dry for half an hour.

6. Third critical tip: Internal reinforcement is key. Insert straws (trimmed to below the frosting line) inside the base to add rebar-like strength. Put the Wii on top of the base and poke dowels or a few more straws vertically through the whole thing.

7. Do not eat! Your Wii cake is full of sticks and, absent the baking soda, will taste like old Atari cartridges.

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