From Head To TOE

Because feet are hot right now and not just foot fetishists go for it: This has to be one of the most unnecessary cosmetic procedures that gained popularity lately: Toe Tucks.

You may have heard about tummy tucks but amongst the latest trend of plastic surgery are toe tucks. Winter’s coming up and apparently this is the time to have toe surgery.

For the sake of having more petite and beautiful feet, many opt for these procedures, nevermind the pain and stress they are putting on their body:

Toe Tuck: this is the most popular operation and involves the pinky toe. Unsightly corns are removed and the toe is made slimmer. The painful procedure will cost from $2,000 to $20,000 for complete foot makeover.

Toe Slimming: If you think you’ve got fat toes you can have them slimmed. The surgeon will remove fat deposits from toe tips.

Toe Shortening: Incisions are placed between the toes to avoid visible scarring. This can be performed on any toe.

Anyone considering this should realize that as with any plastic surgery, you may get more than you wished for. You may get something that looks better in your mind but feels a lot worse and the damage is done. Honestly, this grosses me out.

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