Magnetize Yourself

If you are looking at today’s hype about beauty products and their supposed miracle ingredients, it’s impossible to keep track of them. One of the latest must-haves are magnet based. The kind that you would stick on your fridge.

A variety of new products are all for magnetic energy, all promising miraculous improvements and beautiful results. For example:

Lancome Le Magnetique:

Stars will align when you use this innovative, mystifying nail polish. Attached to the bottom of the bottle, you will find an inconspicuous magnet. After applying the second coat of lacquer comprised of enigmatic, magnetic properties and pigments, sweep the magnet across the polish before it dries to create a special design.

La Mer The Eye Concentrate:

Rich in hematite, a naturally magnetic mineral known for its energies, The Eye Concentrate works over time to dramatically dissolve the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

What was it yesterday? Fish oil? I’m lost but love to see if metal sticks to me after using these.

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