Looking For Feelings: WeFeelFine

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WeFeelFine has set out to assimilate and map feelings off blogs worldwide. It prowls the Internet and gathers sentences from websites, then groups them by keyword feeling: e.g. sad, happy, lonely, major, lost ect…

Enter the universe of bright moving dots which collect around your cursor for you to click on them. Each one extracted off a recent blog or social network entry, representing a person’s keywords feelings. A toolbar on top lets you customize the shown content by changing feelings, gender, age, weather and location.

This could very well become as addictive and noticed as PostASecret.

“I feel nagged; it as if someone is trying to convince me that money is burning a hole in my pocket and must leap out and buy something…”

“I feel horrible and guilty about all the times I’ve treated people badly even when they didn’t deserve it, I feel bad that I don’t take advantage of all the shit that gets handed to me on a silver platter…”

“I started feeling like Brownie Guy just wanted me around as a way to boost his own career, and get steady sex…”

“I feel as empty as a drum

I don’t know why I didn’t come

I don’t know why I didn’t come…”

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