The Reality Of Plastic Surgery

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Transformed by the plastic surgery fairy. Shows on television like “Extreme Makeover” are becoming increasingly popular in our beauty conscious society. Take the woman from the above picture, would you believe that this is one and the same person?

A recent MSNBC article dedicated to beauty and the influence of media on people’s decision to undergo plastic surgery. According to them, a study showed that 79 % of people who had cosmetic procedures performed on them, were under the influence of our modern media/reality tv shows.

Because it just looks so good

Take your average looking, overweight housewife and round up a team of “beauty experts”. Voila, you got great evening entertainment in front of the telly. What you don’t get to see is the ugly stuff behind the scenes…

No pain, no gain

The blood, the pain, the swelling, even surgery gone horribly wrong and it happens everyday. As with any type of surgery there are always certain risks involved but in the end it really comes down to the patients decision.

Before anyone decides on plastic surgery it is crucial to get as much information as possible. Know the facts, risks and costs. A good place to start researching is the Internet. Websites like Smart Plastic offer very detailed and well explained info on different cosmetic procedures. It also gives you an insight of possible problems that can occur.

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