Building A Green PC

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Global warming is happening and everyday we are encouraged to go green and save as much energy as possible. In our modern life however we rely on Computers and electronic gadgets to do countless tasks. ExtemeTech shows a way a building a green pc… well as green as a pc can be.

They also list the 3 top energy wasting Computer components, which are:

1. CPU

Inside your case, the most power-draining component is the CPU. Intel has worked hard to make the processor more efficient, but the Core 2 Duo still uses about 65 watts of energy. The new Core 2 Duo Extreme will use 75 watts. VIA is well regarded as an industry leader in low-wattage processors, with some barely sipping a dozen or so watts from the power supply (but their performance suffers for it, unfortunately).

2. Graphics Card

The bad news for gamers and those with high-performance rigs is that your ATI or nVidia card is likely consuming 300 watts or more. That’s why powerhouse systems need a 750-watt power supply. Fortunately, relief is on the way: Newer cards such as the nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX use only about 250 watts, depending on use. That’s still too much for a green PC, though.

3. CRT Monitor

The real culprit in killing trees and causing hazardous waste is the old-school CRT, which can use more than 100 watts by itself. Many contain a lot of lead as well. You can “go green” quickly just by replacing your CRT with a 19-inch LCD, which uses about half as much power and is lead-free. But please dispose of the CRT properly, rather than dumping all that lead into the landfill. Another resource for information on CRT waste is Organization for Strategic Studies, whose site claims “Located within a CRT monitor are five toxic substances. Lead, mercury, and barium are the most toxic substances of the five within the CRT. The other toxins located within the CRT are cadmium and phosphorous. If improperly managed, the health risks associated with human contact to these five toxic substances within the CRT can be deadly.”

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