The Dangers Of Acrylic Nails

They look chic and sexy but did you know about the hidden dangers of acrylic nails?

  • Don’t use them as tools, meaning don’t scrape stuff off surfaces, or cleaning ect… The bond between the real nail and the fake one, so what you are doing is tearing the nail from the bed which can make space for some nasty infection.
  • Some common chemical allergens in acrylic nails and nail polishes can cause problems. Formaldehyde and methyl methacrylate for instance.
  • Dr. Draelos warns that “if a customer is taking something like tetracycline, which can sensitize them to light, there could potentially be a phototoxic reaction in the nail bed if the sculptured nails are cured under a bright light.”
  • Nail polish removers can be real bad for real as well as fake nails. They have a drying effect on the nail which makes it crack and peel easily. Do not overuse it.

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