The Best & Worst Of WikiHow

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If you regularly browse and search the Internet, you are very likely to be familiar with WikiHow – the user editable howto database. A massive collection of howtos, instructions and manuals of all sorts of things from kite surfing to peeling an orange. Currently there are over 26000 articles listed and some just manage to stand out, not always cause they are extremely useful though:

Top Ten Best WikiHow howtos this week:

10. How to build an Adobe wall

This is has nothing to do with the PDF reader… Adobe is an age-old building material, easy to make and extremely durable. This manual gives instructions on how to build a wall made of Adobe.


9. How to start your own cult

Wouldn’t it be cool to have your very own worshippers? Why not start your own cult…the basics you need to know, it’s all here.

8. How to reuse and recycle old CDS and DVDs

Because they can still be useful. This wikihow also gives you some tips to extend the life and efficiency of your discs.

7. How to go geocaching

If you haven’t got a GPS receiver yet, you want to get one after reading this. Geocashing has become increasingly popular lately and it’s “fun for the whole family”. Briefly: Geocashing has become a sport where you set out with a GPS receiver unit to guide you to a destination, where a hidden container (or “cache”) is stored.

6. How to crack a “Master Lock” combination lock

For when you forget the combination to your master padlock… yours… not someone else’s! Crack it like a pro.


5. How to make a kite out of a plastic bag

No better time for kite flying than autumn. Here’s a howto make your very own kite out of a plastic bag. Very simple, very easy, very green.


4. How to wake up without an alarm clock

I would think that nobody really like the sound of their alarm clock ringing in the morning. But how else would wake up in time for work? Re-discover your inner alarm clock.

3. How to predict the weather without a forecast

A crash course to using your senses and wits to predict the weather without a forecast.

2. How to lucid dream

This gives you an idea how to learn and control your dreams. So next time you go to sleep, look forward to a trip to the an exotic island or strangle your boss or fly around naked…

1. How to make a starship Enterprise out of a floppy disk

Yes, indeed. Have your very own miniature model of the Enterprise warping around your living room.


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