China Redirecting Google, Yahoo & Msn Search Traffic

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It has been reported, that people within China or via Chinese ISPs try to reach Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are being redirected to Baidu.

Baidu has been accused of hijacking the traffic, however, it appears more likely that China is striking back following the Dalai Lama award thing and deliberately sabotaging US-based search engines.

In 2002, China had some issues with Google and similarly redirected the web traffic:

Some users in Beijing and Shanghai were redirected to Peking University’s no-frills search site Tianwang, the little known and the German-invested, among others. Users in Guangzhou were rerouted to the local portal
Information Industry and Internet officials had no comment on the move. Sites gaining exposure from it denied any role in the reroutings. “It is definitely not done by us,” said a Baidu official. “We have no idea where it comes from.”

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