Lost In Translation

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The Internet is a big resource of translation tools and applications. German, Chinese, Klingon, there’s virtually nothing that cannot be translated and there are indeed some neat translation applications out there, that can make life a lot easier.

Online tools are excellent for translating bits and pieces but you shouldn’t rely on them when it comes to professional translation. You might end up with Engrish gibberish.

The Babelfish


Probably the most popular and known translation tool on the Internet. If you need a simple translation of words or short phrases from one language to another, this is a great application. Link

Google Translate

Has become increasingly popular recently and you can use it to translate blocks of texts or even whole websites. However, it isn’t always very accurate or as accurate as you’d like it to be.

Nevertheless, a good service with Firefox integration available. Link


Tranlate 2.0

A pretty simple site with language to language translation. It also keeps track of your entries and lets you export your stuff to PDF. Link

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