Ten Illegal Job Interview Questions

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Techrepublic has an article with a list of 10 “illegal” job interview questions and they all sound so very normal, harmless and like small-talk but apparently steering towards discrimination:

#1: Where were you born?
#2: What is your native language?
#3: Are you married?
#4: Do you have children?
#5: Do you plan to get pregnant?
#6: How old are you?
#7: Do you observe Yom Kippur?
#8: Do you have a disability or chronic illness?
#9: Are you in the National Guard?
#10: Do you smoke or use alcohol?

Most of those questions seem pretty irrelevant because it is likely that you would already have submitted a job application before an interview answering them.

I honestly don’t think you could call those questions “illegal”, certain jobs require certain qualifications and personal circumstances, so it would be important to ask.

One Response to “Ten Illegal Job Interview Questions”

  1. I think that list is dumb. I am in a profession where US Citizenship is a job requirement. Also, it’s completely possible to be curious about a person’s family or faith without discriminating based on that. Besides, you don’t have to ask somebody how old they are or if they’re married to get a good idea, most of the time.
    And if I’m hiring a Rabbi for my synagogue, it’s perfectly legal to discriminate based on his religious practice.

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