Between Life And Death: Revived 12 Times

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Keith Rosser, 58-year old was spending a weekend with his wife at their caravan in Lydstep Haven, near Tenby, West Wales when he experienced chest pains and collapsed.

He knew it was a heart attack after suffering a slight coronary eight years ago so asked his wife to dial 999.

Paramedics arrived at the caravan park within eight minutes. Mr Jones, 39, said: “When we got there he didn’t look too bad – he was a bit grey and sweaty.

“But once we put the electrocardiograph on him it told a different story – basically he was having a massive heart attack in front of us. I charged up the defibrillator and we shocked him and his pulse came back.

“But moments later it went again and so I gave him another shock, once again resulting in a pulse. He kept suffering cardiac arrests – it happened ten times and each time we got a pulse.’

The crew then gave Mr Rosser an anti-blood clot injection but he suffered two more arrests before he was stable enough to be flown to hospital by air ambulance.

Mr Rosser, a non-smoker, spent six days in hospital, where a stent – a small mesh tube – was fitted to keep a damaged artery open.

He was readmitted ten days later with complications but is now back home in Treharris, South Wales, where he is ‘doing well’.

Lucky indeed.

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