DIY Disasters

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This is DIY gone bad. DIY Dump post: Top 5 DIY disasters about people who thought that DIY was not a problem and this is the outcome:

Gas the plants

Colin from Gwent decided to plumb in an outside tap to make watering the garden easier for his sister-in-law Andrea.

He used a ‘DIY outside tap kit’ which he fixed to an existing water pipe, puncturing the pipe and allowing the water to flow through the tap when in use.

The problem was that he didn’t connect it to the water pipe and instead of watering the plants, he gassed them.


DIY and alcohol=Self-butchering

Paul from Yorkshire told the BBC how he went boozing at lunch and thought it would be a good idea to partake in a spot of DIY in the afternoon.

There was a small piece of wallpaper in the corner of the ceiling that was ‘annoying’ him and which Paul wanted to remove.

So what did he do? Why, he got a butcher’s boning knife and stood on a wobbly chair, of course. Obviously he fell off, and plunged the knife – to the hilt – into his chest, about an inch beside his heart.

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