Redness: Paint In Trevi Fountain – Rome

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Isn’t that pretty? An usual sight:


Rome’s Trevi Fountain is a 18th-century monument with a marble statues depicting the sea deity Neptune on his chariot.

The tourist hotspot was designed by Nicola Salvi and has been made popular since Federico Fellini’s 1960 movie "La Dolce Vita". Although Rome’s monuments are monitored with security cameras and police, sometimes a prankster gets past the surveillance and this is the outcome:

A man threw a can of red dye into the water of the baroque fountain on Friday, coloring the water bright red. The prankster did a runner and escaped police and technicians turned off the water before restoring a clear flow.

According to experts the monument fountain wasn’t damaged nor has it absorbed any of the paint.

Lots of tourists took were amazed by the sight it seems and took plenty of pictures. Could have easily passed as a holy "miracle" I suppose. Anyway, it looked pretty and intensely appealing, they should color the water more often.

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