Introducing: Potentially Hot (New) Websites

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First off: it’s free. is a social networking / dating site, where you can play matchmaker. You can pair and match other people and others do the same to you. You can’t choose your match and members do not have any profile page, just a photo and one sentence about themselves. Currently in beta, Paird has two options for matchmaking, Women To Men and Men To Women.

How it works: Match the person in the large photo with any of the 12 user in the smaller photos. The user will find their matches in their inbox and can give a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down.



Scitopia is a search engine for scientific documents. The site lets you search over 3 million documents, plus patents and government data, pulling data from 15 societies and spanning 150 years of sci-tech history.



Another social networking site where people can post their moods and feelings. You can also create a friend network where you can share your daily feelings. You can change your mood and add what you are doing and thinking. Beemood currently looks very empty and very Italian…all the messages posted on the main site, in Italian, kind of give it away. Attempting to be sort of twitterish, unfortunately there’s not much there at the moment and it appears rather boring, no contact details either.

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