What’s That All About?: Proposal To Mary

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Mary, whoever you are, RUN! Spammer alert: This guy’s supposedly trying to propose to his girlfriend Mary via spam emails to strangers. And the story of spamming romance begins…

And here is my idea: I will send out the proposal to Mary to 50 complete strangers, people I don’t know – hoping, that they will forward my proposal to as many people as possible, which in turn forward it etc. And some day, I hope, it will reach Mary, after it has travelled a very long way. I know, it will take a long time and I am quite nervous…

From the poem my Mary will know immediately that the proposal is for her.

On the spammers hopeless romantics spam central website he says he’s German.

I am a German who lives in the United States for several years now. I work as a software developer for a large company. Mary and I met during a vacation and she was the reason that I moved to the US. English is not my native language, so forgive me for any mistakes (suggestions/corrections are welcome!).

Let’s hope Mary has got a good Spam filter, check out the poem:

My angel,
Five years ago, I will always remember the day
When fate made us meet, blissful Alaskan moments in May
Earth spun around us and a journey began
Love, warmth, happiness, enough the years to span.
The longer it lasts the more grows our bond
And with 80 still – of you I will be fond
Whatever happens, I will stay at your side
Through good and bad, together let us stride
No second with you was ever wasted
You are the sweetest I have ever tasted
We have spent so many years – why not a life?
Mary, will you marry me – and become my wife?

Seriously, he could have spent more time on this spam poem.

So I’m left wondering how many German dudes who hooked up with a Mary, who is counting on a proposal, will be in a possibly quite awkward position?

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