Obsessions: Why Are Some So Fascinated With Celebrities?

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Money? Distraction from our own (sometimes miserable) lives? I occasionally read celebrity gossip blogs, ok well I read them almost every day, not obsessive compulsively but hey who can resist headlines such as "Britney loses custody" or the latest celeb victim of anorexia? We pretend we don’t care but secretly read up on the latest news and scandals from Hollyweird.

Unfortunately we seem to idolize talentless, useless "celebrities" more than any Nobel prize winner because their lives are filled with $, supposed excitement and adventures. Fascination goes out to people who receive special treatment, buy big mansions and fancy cars. Some put it down to poor diet or brainwashing. What it is exactly, who knows… maybe a combination of everything. I guess it’s just horrible wrong to give more attention to Lindsay Lohan’s latest drunken escapade than say an ER doctor who saves lives on a daily basis. And who gets paid more…? Is that fair, hardly.

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