How To: Avoid Food Poisoning

We were sick recently with some winter bug that gave us severe diarrhea and vomiting as well as horrible stomach cramps and high temperature. So we went to see a doctor, who sent us off to the hospital where we were forced to endure some nasty things we’d rather not mention. We may think what made us unwell was partly some toxic stilton cheese we munched prior to our sickness episode: so here we are inspired to tell you a few things to avoid food poisoning:

Wash your hands! Don’t be filthy and always wash your hands before eating / preparing food.

Avoid unpasteurized food Pasteurized foods have been through a process that kills germs.

If it looks and smells rotten it probably is!

Rinse and scrub fruits and veg before eating them.

Raw flesh foods, such as sushi, are extremely difficult to prepare properly and safely so be careful with that kind of stuff. Note: deep frozen sushi fish is substantially safer than fresh-killed fish, since the deep freezing kills parasite spores.

Do you know how to store food properly?

Storage depends on the type of food, usually you’ll find storage instructions on their labels.

Protect your food from pets and insects: meaning don’t let your dog lick your dinner.

Prepare with care: keep the kitchen clean, use separate chopping boards when preparing food to avoid cross-contamination, cook foods thoroughly, same goes with leftovers.

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