The Perfect Blog Post Or Writing Great Content

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Some basic writing rules also apply for blogging; for example good grammar and spelling, practice makes perfect, stay up to date on important issues ect. ect.. I’m always skeptic whenever I come across articles covering topics on blogging or writing, like how to improve your overall blog quality or how to write great content for more traffic. Most of those tips and advice columns are set on very basic rules and the annoying thing is that they are telling you what you already know. Doesn’t help you much.


So what is quality blog content? You just can’t throw different themed blogs in one pot and conjure up a rule that applies for all of them. Depending on what kind of blog you have, you will cover different topics in a different way. Frankly I don’t care what is considered professional and what’s amateur as long as I get something out of the post. What makes a good article in my opinion is a somewhat interesting topic, with a brief description, images and links for further reading / reference. I don’t know about the perfect length of a blog post but I know I sure as hell wouldn’t spend my time reading a few pages, even though it might be a fantastic and well written article.

What stuff should you avoid? Almost everyone loves a bit of controversy and I think the best posts out there always include the authors opinion. I don’t know about you but I’m curious about what the writer thinks on the subject he writes about. Although many say that personal opinions are a big no-no, I think this encourages people to post comments. People who like your blog will come up and mostly even haters do. Anyway, what to avoid…things I don’t like, don’t want to read are clichés; sentences starting with a number; commas that aren’t necessary; repeated sentences.

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