Animal Testing…Not Everyone Is Against It

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I’m an animal lover and really hate the idea of animal testing…with lots of alternative methods to test, which are mostly more accurate anyway, there’s no reason for it should be done any longer. I’d rather see human testing.

So here’s Tipu Aziz, a neurosurgeon from Oxford, publicly calling for more animal testing.

“People talk about cosmetics being the ultimate evil. But beautifying oneself has been going on since we were cavemen. If it’s proven to reduce suffering through animals tests, it’s not wrong to use them. To say cosmetics is an absolute evil is absurd.”

Of course cosmetics aren’t evil, the people behind the tests are evil. Scientists argue that animals have certain similarities to us humans but how can they tell whether or not a substance or product will have the same effect on us? Wanna know the true effect something has on humans? Use humans.

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