How’s Your Text Life?

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Do you know that a 4,825 billion of text messages were sent during September 2007? Can you believe this figure? Quite amazing that sms aka test messages are still going strong, if not becoming even more popular. Almost everyone owns a mobile phone and texts are part of our everyday life. I actually haven’t seen a text message in ages, don’t rely on it and never like the endless sms jokes that some people send around. I don’t mind sms’s or texting, I actually used to like it a lot and would do it everyday, just that so many people “abuse” it to forward useless, unnecessary junk you don’t even wanna read.

Has it simplified anyone’s life?

Perhaps. I remember when they used to say how handy and useful text messages are. You know, you don’t need to call a person to let them know you’re late, so it was supposed to be cheaper and more convenient than phone calls, not now though it’s not. And you also cannot talk on the phone all the time, so you text away.

The evil side

Have you noticed those people at busy roads with their eyes fixed on their mobile screen and their fingers busy, frantically typing, and totally oblivious to the fact that the traffic lights just changed to green?

Or how wud u like ur daily doz of grmr m8? I can’t stand it. Chat lingo.

Let’s talk about the peeping and ring tones. You can get everything from nasty nurse to David Hasselhoff, is that really necessary? And when you hear the text message tone, you feel compelled to open it and probably even more so to reply.

There you have it. Texts can be good as well as evil.

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