Trippin…Blake Lewis: Latest Addition To Yucky Album Covers

My god I wish I’d seen this sooner: I would have included it into the Yucky Album Covers post. I admit I did follow the last American Idol series, however, I don’t think any of them (maybe with a few exception) has got much talent and the whole thing seemed odd and fixed to me. So anyway, Idol runner up, the beatboxing Blake Lewis has got an album, noone (and actually I mean myself) cares… but the cover looks like, well, erh how to put it, I could say weird and strange but bizarre and cheap describes it a lot better. Now replace the speakers with a Unicorn and it looks complete:


3 Responses to “Trippin…Blake Lewis: Latest Addition To Yucky Album Covers”

  1. Oh well, you hate it, I love it. I think it’s cool, fits Blake very nicely, is in line with the design of his MySpace and, I don’t know, it’s attractive. O well, your mileage may vary and all that good stuff. Whatever’s on the cover won’t stop me from buying the album anyway! After all, it’s what’s inside that counts. And that, my friend, promises to be GREAT.

  2. Wow… sure are filled with alot of negativity. I understand that YOUR OPINION you hate it, but I personally, MY OPINION, think it’s brilliant. If you look at the title of the album title, AUDIODAYDREAM, I think it’s perfect. He is going to be a huge success as is Jordin, Chris R and a few others. Watch their albums soar!!! Besides……what makes you the expert?

  3. I’m sick of dumb f*cks blogging about how much they hate his album cover. It’s waaay better than all these album covers with artist doing boring ass traditional photo shoots and going look how pretty I am. It’s colorful and kinda spacey but if you heard the album you’d understand. It’s like his own world. But I’d expect this. “Normal” people tend to let good stuff go under the radar and loose their minds over trash. f*cktards….

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