Axe Killer In Children’s Advent Calendar

What appears to be an idyllic picture of Christmas fun at first, has some something evil lurking behind the tree. A German children’s advent calendar features the serial killer Fritz Haarmann. I thought this was a joke at first but the calendar is already on sale!

Quite macabre to say the least. This is supposed to be an advent calendar? funny faces, happy kids, winter fun and you on the next window Fritz is peeking from behind a tree with a meat cleaver in his left hand.


They defended the move by saying mass murderer Fritz Haarmann was part of the German city of Hanover’s history.

Haarmann killed 24 young men, chopped up their corpses and dumped their remains in the local river Leine.

Haarmann stalked the city more than 80 years ago and his victims were aged between 13 and 20. He was sentenced to death and beheaded in 1925.

And what exactly has a mass murderer to do with Christmas? Do you see any connection?

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