Insane And Dangerous: Diabetics And Diabulimia

_42411724_diabetes_injection_ok203 To what length would you go to be slim? I’m a self proclaimed foodaholic and just like many other women out there struggle with my weight. Sure, there were times when I considered more extreme methods of dieting, like fasting or the most-hated cabbage soup diet. I realize this is nowhere near some really hardcore dieting ways that have emerged ever since they let the skeletons run the catwalk.

One eating disorder I find mostly shocking and irritating is Diabulimia. The Bulimia of the diabetics. Those who suffer from diabetes don’t produce insulin naturally and needs shots / pills to healthy blood sugar and to digest carbohydrates. With so many other medication and illnesses, a common side effect is the dreaded weight gain: Some people, who are mostly female, decide that this isn’t acceptable and stop taking the insulin. Then they indulge in sweets and carbohydrates and still waste away cause their body cannot digest the food without the insulin.

Diabulimia is born. These people are at serious, life threatening risks. They are likely go blind, lose a limb, end up on dialysis, or suffer a sudden heart attack. Nice prospects and all to lose weight. Come on, stop the insanity.


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