Menstrual Blood Bank

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Are you ready for this? A US company launched a service for women to store their menstrual blood. Fantastic idea? I find the thought of that somewhat gross but let’s see…

Cryo-Cell, the menstrual blood bank, lets women store their own stem cells taken from menstrual blood. There’s a great chance that one day, possibly very soon, stem cells will be able to cure illnesses such as cancer.


But does it work with menstrual blood?

Stem cells can be obtained from numerous sources, including the blood, bone marrow and embryos. The menstrual blood seems to be the easiest option to harvest stem cells according to the company.

Yet like other stem cells, early lab work suggests they too have the potential to turn into many other types of cell, including heart, nerve, bone, cartilage and fat, Cryo-Cell claims.

How it works?

The woman is sent  a “discreet” collection kit in the post, comprising a menstrual cup, collection tubes and a prepaid return shipment to Cryo-Cell. Maybe we finally found a purpose for all that yucky blood women have to endure month after month. Wouldn’t it be great?

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