Fish And Blood: Now Where Do I Buy Those French Tampax?


Does this print ad need anymore explanation? A French advert for Tampax, I absolutely love it, I think it’s funny, original and provocative.

On the advert we see a woman happily swimming amongst great white sharks whilst on her period. See all the great whites taking no notice of her? Fabulous!

I don’t want to see demonstrations involving white pants and blue liquid, I want to see women on their period swimming the shark infested waters without being eaten…THAT’s what would make me buy tampons!

4 Responses to “Fish And Blood: Now Where Do I Buy Those French Tampax?”

  1. I love this! That is such a better commercial than “Have a Happy Period”. On a more philosophical note I think that kind of shows what young women feel like when they’re just getting their periods. Out in a world of sharks, hoping there are no accidents. Yup. Love it!

    Here thru BZ, by the way.

  2. Well, being a man, I’m not a user, but I guess if I were I’d probably think this product was pretty dependable. However, being a man…kinda graphic…

  3. thanks for stopping by and commenting! oh yes, it’s gotta be one of the finest adverts lately… but yeah I can see it not appealing to guys 😉

  4. Interesting ad. However, on a side note, those are Sand Tiger Sharks, not Great Whites.

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