Taking A Bite: An Arnold a day, keeps the doctor away?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, äkschn star, steroid health conscious individual, governor, and last but not least…Austrian.


Throughout his career Arnold has always publicly supported a healthy lifestyle, which also includes apples, Austrian apples. So I wasn’t surprised about the “Arnold apple”. And the “Arnold” promises a lot:

  • “Arnold” is eaten to be enjoyed immediately and in public as a strong and healthy alternative to snacks like burgers and chocolate bars.
  • “Arnold” makes eating an apple a chic pleasure.
  • “Arnold” is for young people with a fast lifestyle.
  • “Arnold” can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, anyplace.
  • “Arnold” is not restricted to the fruit shelf but can be found anywhere stylish people want trendy, smart, tasteful, top quality refreshments.

On “Arnold’s” website you’ll also find a blog, I haven’t yet figured out who wrote it, Arnold the apple or Arnold the governator? Even though it says

Hi, I’m Arnold, how are you?

It’s an exciting experience for me to do what I’m doing here. I think I’m the first apple in this surprising funtion.

I does sound like Arnold, doesn’t it? Well, I doubt there would be much difference anyway, except I’m fairly certain that the apple would have a much better pronunciation.

The “Arnold” grows in Styria – Austria… Maybe I’m missing something here but how exactly does it make sense to have apples shipped to the US all the way from Austria?

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