Gone Offline

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"What have you done to the Internet?"

I bet many people ask that question on the 12th of November when major data enter Rackspace’s Dallas experiences an outage. Lots of customers were affected and understandably not pleased. Since Rackspace doesn’t have a status page or blog for such incidents, everyone was pretty much left in the dark.

They had difficulities getting back online and to protect the equipment, customers server were taken offline. Downtime is certainly quite annoying and I would have been quite upset.

The Dallas data center was known as one of the most reliable hosting providers so it does make you wonder about more outages and how badly it could affect your website. Even though things like these happen, I think there could have been better precautions. Imagine this happening to you, every minute your site is offline you lose money and visitors.

I would hate to think that something like this could happen to me.

Yeah but how can you detect any problem early enough to prevent bigger disasters you might wonder… well how’s website monitoring for a start? There’s this service called Alertbot that does exactly that, it monitors websites and servers and tests them for availability, performance and any problems.

So maybe it’s time for data centers to come up with a better cooling strategy, which was the main issue in Rackspace’s case.

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