Scamming The Overweight-How To Spot A Weight Loss Scam

I read the Diet Blog almost daily and sometimes they have some great posts. I have found this one this morning in my Google RSS Reader, entitled “7 ways to spot a weight loss scam”.

I guess if you have been trying to lose weight for a while or are generally interested in the topic, spotting a scam isn’t so hard. Anything that promises instant, easy and permanent weight loss is probably a scam.

If it sounds too good to be true, it normally is. So that’s one point, another would be lacking any scientific background, studies ect… instead you get “happy customer testimonials”… I have to say though that I have seen several weight loss scams with supposed scientific claims which at first sight may look genuine. Do the Google trick to be sure.

Weight loss scams just love using big words such as “secret formula“, “revolutionary” and “miracle“.Be suspicious.

Losing weight without exercising or lifting a finger? Well it is possible if you want to completely starve yourself. Unhealthy as can be. Don’t fall for the line “lose weight without having to exercise“.

Save your money, eat healthy and exercise and you will lose weight.

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