4 Tips On How Not To Give In To Food Cravings

Chocolate used to be a huge part of my diet, whether it was Snicker bars or ice cream. I would always indulge to the max… 2 litres of chocolate ice cream in one go wasn’t unusual for me. Seriously.

However, craving a certain type of food doesn’t mean you have to give in to desire… here’s a few tips I found really helpful:

Give in, but not completely

This may sound absurd but let me elaborate…lets say you’ve got a sweet tooth but desperately trying to keep your weight or lose some… the first thing you’d normally do is cut back and restrict on those sweets. You may have good intentions but this can and will in most bases backfire and fuel cravings.

Include it in your diet but eat in moderation.

Get moving

It’s absolutely essential to go out and get exercising, sitting around lazing on the couch will just make you think of food.


I find this quite easy to do: say you have been thinking of a chocolate donut all day and you are tempted to out and get one, when you get to the shops, instead of buying that donut, browse through the fruit section and buy something completely different and new. Explore new fruits and veg, the desire to indulge in that donut will fade and you rather be looking forward to eating that new fruit.


Being around other people helps you motivate yourself to stay firm, provided they won’t constantly tempt you with yummy stuff you shouldn’t eat. That’s one thing I really like about weight watchers… it’s always easier to lose weight when you surround yourself socially with like minded people.

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