It’s Hard To Be A Female [And To Read About Other Females]

I’m not one for reality TV and probably one of the very few who hates Big Brother. Every nation / country seems to have their own version of the reality show and so does Africa where dreadlocked ‘rapist’ Richard Bezuidenhout left the “Fingergate” far behind and won the show’s prize of  of $100,000. Probably still sniffing his finger but $100,000 richer. Well, this is Africa hey? Not quite… A Saudi Arabian victim of gang rape is being punished for “being in the car of an unrelated male at the time of the rape”, 200 lashes for the 19 year old girl. Now this would make a great conversation topic with afternoon tea the next time Saudis are on a state visit.

At least you don’t hear any weird anorexia, weight issues and starving teenage melodramas from the middle east, I suppose that’s a point for them. Reading to through the Pro-Ana forums just made want to go out and order a double cheeseburger meal with chocolate milkshake and a sundae for dessert. Grow a brain is all I can say.

Postie vaVa_Vume is a fantastic example: What more proof do you need that when being a stupid weight obsessed full-time dieter, not only your body fat melts, but also your brain:

“ever since i was little ive never liked to eat, becasue i like the feeling of hunger, idk its like satisfying…. but my parents would always get me to eat… so now that i have controp over my body i like to not eat alot, and i admit that i become obbessed with calories and fell fatt al the time, but its just the way ive always been, i dont except to change

I’m just speechless really, hardly ever that I see so much stupidity collected at one place:

“do you know if an all liquid diet make you bloat and gain water weight??…”

and I would like to round up this sensitive topic with the non-existent eating plan of “model” Catherine McFeil. She wrote a daily diary of food she ate or didn’t eat in the course of one week. Disgusting.

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