Woman In Brazil: Arrested, Put In Jail With 20-30 Men, Raped Relentlessly

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Today’s horror story hails from Brazil: In Abaestetuba, in the state of Para, a young woman was left in a police cell with 20 to 30 guys for a month and repeatedly sexually abused.

The girl was reportedly arrested on suspicion of theft but wasn’t formerly charged. Not only was she apparently raped relentlessly but also forced to engage in sex in order to obtain food.

The girl’s father has now alleged that he has been threatened by police who tried to force him to provide a birth certificate showing that the girl was 20 years of age – a document which he said did not exist.

The police are said to have believed at one stage that the girl was not under age.

This story has caused public fury and Governor Ana Julia Carepa stated

“Whether she was 15, 20, or 100 doesn’t matter. A woman should never be left in a jail with men,”

“I am shocked and indignant, as a woman and as a governor,”

Unfortunately this isn’t a single case.

Women’s rights groups in Para state quoted by the Globo website say there have been at least three cases of women being put in cells with men.

What makes this look even more suspicious according to human rights groups, is the fact, that the alleged offence committed by the girl is unknown.

Brazil shock at woman’s jail rape [BBC News]

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