Credit Cards Are A Girl’s Best Friend

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Can you imagine a life without 0% Credit Cards? Well I certainly can. While possessing a credit card can have huge advantages it can also be a curse, financially speaking.

Convenience vs. Debt

One big pro about
credit cards is the convenient and easy payment /use virtually anywhere and anytime around the globe. Whether checking into a hotel or paying at a restaurant, credit cards is synonymous to less hassle.

Living is easy with a golden card but it can easily spin way out of control. Always a reason for me to not ever use one.

Be responsible

Responsibly used, the credit card sure is your best friend. There’s also ways to save money and recover from credit card debts, like
0% balance transfers. This comes in handy when you have debts on several other credit cards.

Anyway, if you consider getting a credit card, make sure you know how to handle it.

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