Oprah’s Favorite Things – Just In Time For Christmas

Living in the UK, we’re still exposed to a whole lot of American talk shows like Ricky Lake or Oprah… I cannot say that I’m a big fan of hers or that I watch her show on a regular basis. Every time I do try to watch it, she’s “talking” about some silly or ridiculous topic I certainly don’t want to see in the afternoon television.

What’s the worst of it all is the yearly “Oprah’s favorite things” edition though. I mean, seriously, have you taken a moment to actually look at what they featured? I haven’t watched the show, I just visited it’s very own website, oprahs-favorite-things.com.

Let’s see what’s on Oprah’s list

A Samsung Progressive HD Camcorder SC-HMX10C,

Price: $829.99

Still a camcorder, seen loads at actual reasonable prices.

Some bowls, a mixer, dvds, Oprah’s books of course, some Nomads Rachel Pally clothing ect ect…

Now have you ever noticed the people’s reaction every time she introduces some “new”, “miraculous” and “fabulous” product? The audience just goes all “OMG”,”absolutely amazed”, then they will all scream and jump and get super excited over stuff like mixers. Oprah knows best I guess. She could bring out a pile of poop and still would get the same reaction, although the Japanese would certainly love that.

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