Big Is Good, Or Is It? I couldn’t help but wonder…


Currently one of my favorite pics. The SATC movie is gonna be out next year and up to now I was actually looking forward to seeing it, but unfortunately loads and loads of spoilers have been leaked and pretty much given away most of the storyline. Nonetheless, I almost definitely will be in line when it opens in 2008. Love the series, although season 4 was not living up to it’s expectatations. Slightly disappointing.

Remember Sarah Jessica Parker getting voted “least sexy woman” by Maxim? No? Sarah Jessica Parker was named the No. 1 Unsexiest Woman Alive by Maxim plus the magazine claimed that Parker was the “least sexy woman in a group of very unsexy women.” Ok, sure, she isn’t a natural beauty but how do you define beauty? I think she always looks very sophisticated and stylish, well maybe not always but certainly most of the time. I kind of feel sorry for her but I’m also sure that there’s plenty of people out there who think she is hotter than Jessica Alba. She sure knows how to work fashion

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