Bob Dylan: Another Side of Bob Dylan Liner Notes

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on the brooklyn bridge
he was cockeyed
an’ stood on the edge
there was a priest talkin’ to him
i was shiftin’ myself around
so i could see from all sides
in an’ out of stretched necks
an’ things
cops held people back
the lady in back of me
burst into my groin
“sick sick some are so sick”
like a circus trapeze act
“oh i hope he don’t do it”
he was on the other side of the railin’
both eyes fiery wide
wet with sweat
the mouth of a shark
rolled up soiled sleeves
his arms were thick an’ tattooed
an’ he wore a silver watch
i could tell at a glance
he was uselessly lonely
i couldn’t stay an’ look at him
i couldn’t stay an’ look at him
because i suddenly realized that
deep in my heart
i really wanted
t’ see him jump

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