Teddy Bear Frenzy, "Western Plot Against Islam"

The British teacher who was arrested for naming a teddy bear “Muhammad” has been found guilty for “insulting Islam” and sentenced to 15 days in a Sudanese jail. She will however only have to serve 10 days since she has already spent 5 days in custody since her arrest and afterwards deported.

The school’s director gave the following statement:

“It’s a very fair verdict, she could have had six months and lashes and a fine, and she only got 15 days and deportation.”

The Sudanese government would obviously be in much much better hands being run by a bunch of 6 and 7 year olds. Not only do they make themselves look completely stupid and pathetic with less common sense than a garbage bin, but also hide behind their supposed “religious honors” and “respect for Islam”.

And just when we thought it couldn’t possibly become any more absurd, Sudan’s clerics even went so far as to call her actions “part of a Western plot against Islam”.

Let’s face it, she was a white, western non-Muslim teacher in a school run by a non-Muslim board that allows both Muslim boys and girls as well as Muslim and non-Muslim teachers to educate side by side.

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  1. And people wonder why most Islamic countries seem to be so far behind civilisation… they are run by people who label a simple faux pas a “Western plot against Islam”. They seem to have created a cycle of ignorance for themselves: the people in power kick out anyone educating the masses, and these uneducated masses grow up to be the people in power.

  2. It’s racial hatred against Britain and British people, but it’s at their own convenience.
    It’s a fantastic display of just how little it takes to incite hatred against non-Muslims.
    Protests today called for her execution after morning prayer.
    The leader at the mosque obviously decided to encourage hatred and called for a demonstration.

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