It’s "Thriller’s" 25th Anniversary, Wishing We Could Celebrate

thriller-michael-jackson Let’s go 25 years back when Michael Jackson was still black and far from being labeled a child molester: On December 1st, Jackson’s historic top selling album “Thriller” was released and literally writing music history.

It’s the highest-selling album in history, shifting 65m according to the Guinness Book of World Records. His own people put the figure at 105m.

It spent 37 weeks at the top of the US charts, a record for a non-soundtrack recording. It won the most ever Grammys in one night – eight – and was the first album to spawn seven Top 10 hits. The list goes on.

Those must have been certainly good times for Jackson. But it’s not just the music that changed the world, his persona became the idol of millions of people everywhere in the world… Teenage girls wanted to marry Jackson and have is babies and guys wanted to dance just like the “King of Pop”. Even though “Thriller” was before my time, I consider it one of the best musical achievements the 80’s gave birth to.

Let’s put the court case, the horrifying plastic surgery, constant switch of religions and Jacksons general weirdness aside for a minute. One cannot deny that he was the ultimate personification of the 80’s and stood for everything that people loved about that decade.

“Thriller” is still making impacts on our generations and will continue to do so and I believe that it’s rightful to say that the video clip to the title song is one mesmerizing epical music video, if not the ultimate music video.

While the original video is a legend, these attempts aren’t dragging very far behind: A Remake of “Thriller”by inmates of a Philippines jail in Cebu.

“Thriller” goes Bollywood,India’s version:

Whilst the music will continue to influence and inspire generations to come,Michael Jackson, the human being who is somewhere behind that masquerade of self worship, mutilation and controversy, has pretty much reached dead end.


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  1. Omg.. i just love Michael Jackson.. I’m still sad he died..

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