Living, Dead – 10000 Filipino Families Living In A Cemetery

Quite hard to imagine but 10,000 families live in this graveyard in Manila in the Philippines:

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3  Vice Magazine posted this fascinating article about these people who literally live next to the dead.

Some families ended up here almost accidentally. Some inherited the mausoleums that they now live in from their great-grandparents. Others came from the provinces and couldn’t make enough money to live in the big city. In all cases, they’re basically families with nowhere else to go.

The people who live here manage to extract livelihoods from the dead. Teenagers carry coffins for 50 Filipino pesos—about 50 American cents. Children collect scrap metal, plastic, and other garbage to sell. Their fathers are employed to repair and maintain tombs while their mothers maintain the house, which could be the family mausoleum or the mausoleum of their employers. Rent-free shanties are wedged between or on top of crypts.

The pictures are both amazing and disturbing. Link

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  1. You will most likely to live there if you go there,just be careful!

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