DIY Biodiesel From Cooking Oil

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I’ve come across several manuals and tutorials on the Internet showing you how to make bio diesel from cooking oil. I doubt I would ever attempt this unless I had this little home bio fuel processor. With FuelPod2 you can dump in your leftover cooking oils and fat and make 50 litres of bio diesel. Actually sounds good doesn’t it?

“With just a 60cm diameter and at only 140cm high FuelPod2 sits easily at the back of the garage and is operated via a compressor,”

“If you’re interested in the science, it uses CE and ATEX approved process with air control to avoid any sparks. Safe Band technology heats the oil in a thermostatically controlled heater within an integral heating tank, prior to mixing with methanol added from a separate tank.”

Apparently you will eventually have good quality fuel to run in any diesel engine without modification. Only problem I see here, how can you collect enough fat and oil? Fish and chips everyday?

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  1. i use Biodiesel on my car. i think everyone should use biodiesel so that each one can at least contribute to the environment.

  2. we should patronize the use of Biodiesel because it is a renewable source and fossil fuels would soon be depleted.

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