Lobe Jobs Are The New Boob Jobs?

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I guess it was only a matter of time until some people have found a new body part to obsess about: we’ve gone toe jobs to lobe jobs.

Saggy breasts can be placed back into shape, so the same should apply to earlobes right? Apparently there’s actually plenty of really stupid women out there, who are embarrassed by thin, droopy ears and pay good money to have them “fixed”.

We can’t really fight the signs of aging, but using your brain once in a while could spare you some unnecessary cosmetic procedures. Dr. Howard Sobel, director of the Skin and Spa Dermatologic Cosmetic Surgery Center said in an interview with the Observer:

“One patient only wore big, heavy earrings, and part of the reason was that she was trying to cover her stretched-out ears!”

“She didn’t realize that the big earrings were only making the earlobe stretch more. When the hole gets too big it starts to pull the ear down. So we repaired the pierced hole in her ear and injected it, which added volume back, and it looked like her old ear.”

Lobe Jobs

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