The One Dollar iPhone In Canada

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Merry Christmas, I can already hear the bells ringing…The world’s gone crazy about the iPhone, including myself. Unfortunately it’s quite an elusive and expensive little gadget but did you know that you can get 1 Dollar iPhones in Canada? Seriously, this isn’t a hoax, scam or anything!

Fact: In Canada you can get iPhones for one Canadian Dollar a piece, but, it’s not exactly the product you are thinking of…

Don’t get too excited though. These iPhones are just cheap  $1 headphones manufactured by a company called Electra, a supplier to the Dollarama bargain stores.

Just think of all the kiddies who sent parents and grandparents in particular out to buy them the iPhone for Christmas! How terribly modest those youngsters are today…

You may be wondering why they are able to sell off one § headphones called “iPhone”, well Apple didn’t have a chance to trademark their iPhone in Canada because of trademark registration is being contested by Comwave, another company that used this name.

Apple has yet to announce the release date of THE iPhone in Canada. So for now, it’s the $1 “substitute”. Cheaper too!


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  1. I always wanted an iPhone, and now I can afford at least three …..

  2. An iPhone for each family member, sure they’ll love it

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