Kiefer Sutherland: Behaving Behind Bars


Earlier last month, we heard about a bitchy Kiefer Sutherland allegedly refusing to sign autographs cause he blamed fans for getting caught DUI.

Now he’s serving his 48 day sentence in jail and apparently is a “model prisoner”.

“He’s not happy to be here,” Officer John Balian says, “but you can tell from his demeanor that he’s sorry and takes responsibility for what’s he’s done.”

Sutherland also serves meals to other inmates, through slots in their cell doors. That’s about the only contact he has with other prisoners.

The jail spokesman reiterates that Sutherland will do the full 48 days straight without early release:

“There’s no way he’s getting out early, unless a judge orders otherwise, which is highly unlikely,”

Well let’s hope he’ll do the full sentence and stay away from the booze already.

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