George Bush Made-Up-Words Game

Not hostile but subliminable entertainment. Play the George W. Bush wordy spotting game…fine insticated , ingrinable and other classic Bush made-up words and listen as he says them!

Cool game on the Internets


5 Responses to “George Bush Made-Up-Words Game”

  1. my fellow americans

  2. George bush is so stupid and i’m glad he is leaving. He needs to go back to collage. I’m in high school and I think that I am smarter than him. He just needs to learn how to talk and needs help because he has no idea how to talk to maney people. And half the words he says he makes up!!! I am just glad that he is leaving for good. Now I hope jon mccain doesnt win, because we don’t need another George Bush!

  3. Did you intend to misspell college (collage as you put it) and many (maney as you put it). A little advice — don’t criticize people for being stupid if you can’t spell criticize.

  4. You don’t actually type that well but I do agree with your opinion G W Bush is a fucking Moran! peace

  5. Oh, the irony of the above post…

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