Junk Food As The New Birth Control

90619DiKH_w Junk food in masses isn’t good for your body shape or health. Full stop. There’s a new book called “The Fertility Diet” and it’s about eating right to boost your fertility. If it only were that simple… The diet hasn’t actually been tested on infertile women. Instead the diet relies on surveys formulated by dietary habits (cause people are always honest on surveys).

So basically it’s about good nutrition, refrain from eating bad stuff and choosing healthy eating habits. If healthy food can improve your chances of getting pregnant, does that mean junk food could act as a natural birth control?

The way I see it, if this was true, it would be a lot harder for many people to have kids. Getting pregnant nowadays seems simple enough and hardly has anything do to with nutrition when you look at teenagers who a) smoke b) have eat junk as their main source of nutrition c) do drugs d) drink until they pass out and somewhere before, in between or after passing out have unprotected sex once and boom, baby on the way!

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