$71,000 "Flawless" Cocktail

You couldn’t really afford to get drunk on this cocktail: The world’s most expensive Christmas cocktail is called “Flawless” and available at London nightclub Movida.

Ingredients in the costly cocktail include a large measure of Louis XII cognac, half a bottle of Cristal Rose champagne, some brown sugar, angostura bitters and a few flakes of 24-carat edible gold leaf.

But the real extravagance is an 11-carat white diamond ring – which can be found at the bottom of the glass.

And customers buying the exorbitant cocktail won’t go unnoticed. Two security guards will be on watch as the drink is prepared and watch over the client’s table until the last sip.

And for $71,000 you can sip on it. What if say a hundred people order that cocktail? Do they have that many diamonds in the house?

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