Stick Those On Your Cell Phone! Kewpie Dolls, It’s Another Japanese Thing

Should we know or at least heard of them? Definitely if we lived in Japan. Yet another collection of weird, bizarre and sort of cute doll cell phone charms:

57-110104_MED  Sperm worm kewpie

It’s hard to tell whether this is supposed to be a sperm or a worm. You’d expect it to wiggle it’s tail any second.

57-110050_MED  Anorexic kewpie

I love this one! Made me laugh! Anyone want some chocolate?

57-110036_MED  Obese kewpie

Where there’s Anorexia, Obesity isn’t far… fat little kewpie to put on your cell phone, nevermind the chocolate.

301-321892-cate  Razor Ramon Hard Gay kewpie

What I like about the Japanese is they don’t really give a damn whether one of their crazy idea or product is politically correct or not, they still go all hyper over it and put it on display, whenever, wherever.

Razor Ramon is a Japanese comedian and former wrestler if you wondered where the kewpie got his name from.

57-110081_MED  Zombie kewpie

…wantz your brains…

57-110098_MED  Poopie kewpie

Come on, you know no Japanese collection of anything is complete without a bit of poop.

But don’t be fooled by those innocent little dolls, you haven’t seen them in this creepy advert. If you get one, lock it away at night:

Found on Inventorspot and you can buy them here for 658 JPY which is 6.14 USD each.

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