Dining Amongst The Dead

Everything about cemeteries screams death, dying and demise. Not exactly the perfect place to have dinner is it? But then again there’s all kinds of weird themed restaurants at the most bizarre of places imaginable: So is the “New Lucky Restaurant” which is built in a cemetery!

The “Goth way” of fine dining?

From the sky into the midst of the dead, unusual restaurants aren’t that unusual. The “New Lucky Restaurant” is situated in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) and has proudly been there for over 50 years. The motivation behind building a restaurant on an Muslim graveyard is rooted in religious beliefs and that’s also where the name stems from; the thought of honouring the dead and generally perceiving the deceased as holy. Therefore it makes sense why the locals are convinced that eating there brings good luck.

Over my dead body

I don’t have anything against macabre stuff in general, but I doubt I could force food down my throat at the thought of being surrounded by dead people. It’d be downright weird, but it could be worse. In India, different religions have different takes on taking care of corpses: Christians and Muslims bury, Hindus cremate and Zoroastrians leave dead bodies to be eaten by vultures. Imagine dining at a Zoroastrian cemetery! Zombie fest, hurray!

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